Instructor Bio's


Ted V. Daniels

Self Defense Instructor

Ted was a standout high school and collegiate athlete being named to several football All-American teams, was a State Powerlifting Champion and was a starting guard for the nationally ranked WVU mountaineer football team. Ted has 15 years of law enforcement experience where he served on Tactical Teams, narcotics Teams and gang units. Ted is also a court recognized expert in Use of force and holds State and National certifications as a hand to hand combat instructor. Ted has studied Chinese Kenpo, Kung- Fu, Ju Jitsu, Akido, U.S. Army Combatives and Krav Maga. He is also very proficient in Boxing and Wrestling. Ted was named State of Maryland Police Officer of the Year in 2003 partly because of the innovative and realistic defensive tactics programs and training sessions that he composed and initiated for training police officers. Ted is also a certified executive protection instructor and has had numerous celebrity, diplomatic and CEO clients where he provided body guard services. Ted was a highly decorated police officer and in the military he graduated from the U.S. Army Infantry school in Ft. Benning, Ga and served as a rifleman and intel specialist for his unit. He served a combat tour in Afghanistan where he received a Purple Heart. Ted has been teaching Self Defense classes now for over 12 years.  He also still accepts most executive protection / body guard assignments.  If you are in need of a professional to ensure your security, contact him.


Reilly Frederickson

Boot Camp Instructor / Fitness Coordinator

Reilly's passion for exercise started at a young age when she began dancing competitively. She continued this passion through high school then spent 2 years teaching dance. Helping others reach their fitness goals and better their quality of life began in college. With a certificate in personal training from NASM her goal is to help motivate her clients with continual life long learning and support to reach their goals. Reilly is an enthusiastic trainer and is beginning to make her mark in the fitness community.  Reilly's program will help you reach your fitness goals.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, tone up, or get in best shape of your life her coaching style will empower and teach you to how to reach your specific goals.  The thing that sets Reilly apart from other trainers is not her overpowering enthusiasm and passion but rather her personal interactions with clients.  Reilly truly wants every single one of her clients to succeed and she will push and motivate you until your goals are met.  If you are ready to make a change and fight for the best version of you, then Reilly is the right trainer for you.  Reilly will be conducting the Military Physical Training Boot Camps.  Hope you are ready to be inspired and push yourself!